Tuesday, October 26, 2010

陈豪 is coming to town!!!

OMGOSH! He's really coming to 1Borneo!!! I wanna go!!! AAAHHHHH!!!
The cast of 宫心计 (gung xam gai) are coming!! I don't why they come so late since the drama ended months ago. I haven't watched the drama yet!!

BUT he's really coming!!!!!!! Some of you might not know, but I'm a BIG fan of 陈豪(Moses Chan)! I think he was in the first Hong Kong drama I've ever watched! haha.

He looks good, right? Aly said that he looks like a monkey lmao whatever

Oh, speaking of Aly. She's over-excited about Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour in Singapore which is happening on February 2011! haha. She's going to be in Singapore at that time so she said FOR SURE she's going for the concert. Marie and Shnwei are tagging along I guess. Chances are slim for me. My parents at no way they're letting me to go some concert in Singapore ALONE. TRUST ME. Tickets are expensive, like DUH! It's Taylor Swift, and I don't wish to waste that much money in one day. hahaha. I don't really spend on these kind of stuff.

I only spend on FOOD =D

I'm reading the book of James right now. Realized that I've done most of the things that God said not to do in this book. Living a life as a Christian is not as easy as said, you need loads of patience and you need a big heart. *guilty feeling!

Got my first Finals paper back today. ADDMATHS *gulps hard.
Thank God I passed =)

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