Saturday, May 7, 2011

0 three 30

Okay. I'm so addicted to this song. It's like stuck it my head and I want to reply it again and again after it's done. BAHAHAHA

Exams are coming in a week, and I am still obsessively listening to songs and slacking, means I have to get my head straight and start pumping info about bio math chem phys addmaths and all those other subject into my brain, which is only equivalent to the size of an ostrich's!!

I'll promise myself that I will stay away from the computer and camera and tv and phone until the exam is done. Okay, maybe the tv not so much XDDD I need to study hard, for the sake of my future. Would not want to end up washing dishes in Supertanker =/

All the best for those who are taking their exams!

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