Thursday, June 30, 2011

The day we will never forget!

This has been, by far, the most interesting day of our (Marie and I) lives.

Today's the last day of ... uhm, the half-year. Tomorrow marks the start of the second half of 2011. Yeah. Everyone knows that. But what they don't know is that Marie can officially say that she's 17 and a half!! HAHAHAHA.

Unfortunately, Marie said that it is the worst day of her life. How absurd. I think it was fun today (: I tell you why she thinks that. It all began when we were putting our Addmaths project together. Marie had punched 6 holes ( I dunno why so many) on the pile of paper, and tied them together using the yarn that I brought. Her initial plan was to go to a stationery shop to bind the project but then she was lazy, I guess. So she did it herself. After tying them up, she realized that she had forgotten to put in the score sheet!!! So she took of the yarn and put the sheet in. THEN SHE HAD TO DO THE YARNING AGAIN!!! (Okay. I don't know what term to use besides 'yarning'). Okay, mission accomplished. NOT!!! After a few minutes, I heard a swear coming out from her mouth. Then she was like, ' I forgot to draw the graph. nggggggggggggaai'

I was already bursting into laughter.

Then she said, 'This is the worst day of my life!!'

And there goes the drawing of the graph, the un-yarning, putting in the graph, and slowly poking the yarn through the 6 holes that she punched.

Oh, it's not over yet.

While putting the project together she sort of spoilt her table's wrapping ( uhm FYI the both of us wrapped our tables only TODAY!). Then she was frustrated again.

And so the misfortunes continue. And I was teasing that she's 17, and a half. HAHAHAHAHA

Moving on to my next interesting point,

The class sort of miss Bio today. As in, they miss having the lesson, not that we skipped class. The whole class was talking about the chapter that we're studying, reproduction. HAHAHA. Audrey even told the whole class that one of our friend (cannot say name lah later tohsoi) was ovulating today. LOL. Then everyone laughed gao gao.

Oh yeah and another friend was sad because she couldn't drink coconut water because she's having her period. LOL.

NOW. During Math class I got bored so I started clicking my pen non-stop. I WAS BORED, and I do weird things. So I was clicking and clicking and suddenly a girl which we nicknamed her "badminton girlfriend" turned around and stared at me. And so I stopped. Then I started to laugh. I told Marie about it and we started to have this idea of me clicking the pen to make the teacher look at us. I couldn't stop laughing after "badminton girlfriend" looked at me so I waited until my laugh stopped, and then i started clicking my pen, VIGOROUSLY. And we were both tahan-ing our laughs.

Sadly the teacher didn't look my way, instead Mimi (girl sitting in front of me) turned back and gave me the stare. hahahaha. And then we started laughing.

So yeah. The few things that made my day, and a few things that ruined Marie's day. Had to say that this is a day that I'll never forget, though it's lame and stuff but i still enjoyed it. =D It totoally lightened up the miserable weeks we had before today!

Going to the school concert this Saturday. FYI I've never been to the school concert for the past 4 years. Since this is the last year, I might as well go. hehehe. And tomorrow we got tickets to watach the Chinese Singing Competition in school. Someone's having a comeback stage, and we could not wait.

Teacher only got noodles, no rice (inside joke =P)

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