Friday, September 25, 2009

Last day of raya holiday.. =(

It's the last day of the raya holidays everyone! Well, if you don't count this coming Saturday and Sunday that is. hehehe.

This raya break has been pretty fun. Went to a lot of places. Ate a lot of food (kuih raya, anyone?). So, I gained weight. hee. I'll lose them later.

Oh yeah...Singapore artiste Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are tying the knot. In our house, we refer Fann as 'Nick's Favourite Girl' and Chris as 'You Fu', because of a show that he was in. hahaha

The make a great couple, don't they not?

That's all (: NO. I'm bored of reading science books and history points all day. I want PMR to come quick, instant... laaaaaaa. I can't wait to be free, yes.

The worst part is the waiting.

Video called Ethan and Shirley yiyi yesterday. Our first timetrying out the new webcam pa got. Lisa and Alex and Ah Set yiyi were there too. It was fun. hahaha Though our speakers are broken, it was still great to see them all. I miss them, gotta admit. Can't wait for them to come back!

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