Saturday, October 10, 2009

PMR, two more days and bye bye!

Yeap, I'm going online when PMR ain't done yet
Screw me lah....

Us candidates should relax you know. Watch some tv, go chat with you friends, play some ball. You can relax, but you have to read too!

i know she doesn't read my blog at all but who cares... XD

2 more days, 4 more papers to go. Not looking forward to the last day though, THE LAST DAY! I have to survive like, 3 hours of chinese. AHH.

I takut chinese paper, get me out of here..

I got 8 answers difference from Reuben's paper and I'm super glad :D I hope he gets that perikanan question wrong so I can get that correct. ngeh!

I need my eye medicine, and a shot of aspirin....

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