Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When was the last time you puked?

Yesterday was a whirlwind. I woke up at 3 in the morning. I couldn't sleep. Rolled here, rolled there. I had no idea what was happening. I'm born to sleep. During storms or when the electrcity is cut off, I'd just sleep through it. My parents and brother usually ask me the next day, "You didn't know? Didn't feel hot or anything?". My answer is always, "Got meh? I didn't feel a thing"

I had never woken up in the middle of my sleep for a long time. Even during my PMR time, I just slept through the whole night. Shivers. At that time I was really scared, thought something bad is gonna happen. I think all I did that time was talk, talk to God. Which made me feel better, but that uncomfortable feeling was still whining.

I thought, perhaps it's the weather. It was pretty stuffy that night so I turned on the air-cond. I timed it to half an hour, since Nick is having a cold and he doesn't use his quilt. That feeling still sticks with me, then I decided to head to the toilet.

I sat on the toilet floor for 5 minutes, then everthing came rushing, the dizzyness. AWH! It kills. I put my head in the toilet bowl and everything I had for dinner the day before, came out from my mouth. YUCK! I had never puked for a long time. I think the last time I did was during my primary school days.

After making the toilet bowl look like a trash can, I went back to bed. Surprisingly, I feel asleep.

I woke up at 6 that morning, again. Told ma what happened. And then, went back to bed. Few minutes later, puked again. When is this gonna end?

It didn't. Went to my grandparents' place after that. The whole say was just, puke, sleep, puke, sleep, puke, puke, sleep. The worst thing is, there were relatives in the house which arrived from Tawau. I didn't even bother to entertain. I didn't even have the strength to entertain. I knew it was rude to lie there on the sofa but there was nothing else I can do...

Ma came to pick me up after that.. I went straight to my room after I got back. Slept until 8+. Parents came back from dinner and brought me to the doctors. Doctor said that I had some kind of viral infection. Not food poisoning. Since I didn't use the toilet, just puking.

After coming out from the clinic, I felt dizzy. I almost black-ed out. Then we went home, I ate my medicine, some porridge and drank a can of 100 plus. I felt better.

Today, I feel a whole lot better. Doctor said that I should rest at home so here I am. Resting.

I puked for 6 times within 24 hours, I hope I'm slimmer XD And I hope that the teachers would still register me for form 4. If I can't because I'm sick and too weak to head to school, it's just crap. You can't control puking. It just happens!

It's a pretty weird trick...threatening us form 3 students like that. I think it's a bit wrong. Why threaten us like that? Is that even fair?

It's just an opinion.
I mean, what if all of us got together and didn't go to school for a day? a week? the whole month? What if there is really no one registering for form 4 next year? What if parents complaint? What if... all the what ifs actually became reality?
Who is it to blame, then?

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