Thursday, October 22, 2009

exactly why do we go to school for right now??!

There is exactly no point going to school right now.
We're not seeking knowledge anyways.
No one is giving knowledge, no one is receiving.

All we do is march until our shoes burn,
make our heads hot until we can fry eggs on them,
sweat until the mineral water bottle is filled,
and then go back to class.

Where is the fun in that??

Worst of all
I'm not in the mood to march!
I'm never in the mood to march!
Who is ever in the mood to march?

And I don't like to talk when I don't feel like it...
So don't you come asking me dumbass questions
which is very rhetorical
when I'm showing the
'Get lost, I'm not talking' face.

And if I mistreated you
or you think I did
then you can just come forward and burst my bubble.

and it's not the time of the month

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