Thursday, October 15, 2009

What did I do?

The weeks before PMR was real fun! Gave me a chance to relax a little, which is so great.

I think it was like, exactly a month ago...few days before Gabriel left. The boys came to our house for eye toy. Super fun. I have no idea why the video is not on Facebook yet. I've uploaded it and yet, still nothing!!!! They have a way of playing eye toy. It'll blow your minds.

Went to Chok's farm. I think during Hari Raya day 3. Yes, it can be called Chok's farm because it belongs to the CHOK family. DUH!!
I really loved the farm. A lot. It's so fun. Ate a lot of fruits and was sunburnt. Ohh... Tam Zhong's face went pale when he saw auntie killing the chicken...HAHA
Adele picking the pineapple...
Birthday celebration again! I love all this stuff XD Got to take group photos too! It was really fun. And the cupcakes were sooooo yummy!!!!

they're cute too!
Samuel shoving cupacakes!
Helpers group photo. This was really funny.

Another one. I love this one a lot!!! Got raindrops summore! Can see? Can see?

Latern festival. Totally quiet year. No celebration or anything. Went to PakPak's place for dinner then we lighted some lanterns and walked to kung's place to give them mooncake... like that only lo...

These lanterns are pretty long-lasting XD Not bad bahhh...

Nick and Tam Zhong's sleepover. it was MAD
That's all....I think. OH! Went to Lok Kawi with Liana and her family. I can't find the pictures....let me dig again ahhhh....

making an album in Facebook called 'Adele'. I usually take a lot of pictures of her. hehehe. She's my model...


Marching again today. So hot!!! But we finished early. Taklimat after that in the auditorium... I have no idea what am I up for next year....
Take chinese or accounts?????
AHH. Why did they make the 10 subjects limit!?

I wanna watch Beyonce in KL!!! I wanna sing single ladies with her under one roof! Well, is there a roof??? Whatever, sya mahu pgi concert Beyonce ohhhh!!!!
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

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