Tuesday, October 13, 2009


PMR's over people!!! And my chinese paper stinked bad. Well, who cares. If I can't get an A, I'll get a B. And I'll still have 7As and 1B!!

Which is pretty good, not???
But of course I wanna get straight As lah DUHHH!!!!!

*then I can say, "NAH! I PROVED YA WRONG!" to those who looked down at me*

haven't get 8As already "an shuang" ~~

Here are the pics of today....Marie brought her camera. Supposed to take Aly, Karee, me and her but we ended up taking group photos. Not exactly everyone lah, 1/4 of the class. hehehehe

All of us are girls btw..

From top left: Ping Ping, Pae Yii, Oong, Pearl, Joey, Khoo, Mei Mei, me!
Seated: Karee, Ed, Aly, Marie

Us four. So vibrant lehh.. VIBRANT!

I look so idiotic ><

Karee and I...see my baju kurung so white. Like commercial oh XD

erm....techincal problem...hahaha.

You think these pics (above and below) are the same????? No they're not. Note Mei Kwan. top left

I want camera!!!!! NIKONNNN!!!!! come to me bebeh!!

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