Monday, October 26, 2009

what a weekend, or should I say painful?

Ok..I'm not in the mood to type much so...

Went to school on Saturday for KK High's Open Day/Co-curriculum day. It was quite fun. Played a lot of Scrabble and ate a lot! Not quite a lot.... <>ice-cream and a piece of KFC, a can of cola and the lunch that was provided. A lot kah?

*the ones which are highlighted in red are most likely to make me fatter. pfft*

Sunday was normal. BUT we did go and join Wushu. It was painful. 2 hours of total sweat-out. And the people there were pretty scary, all young kids. All younger than ME. My whole body is aching now, due to it. AHH! Haven't stretched for so long.. my muscles are totally half dead. When we finished, my whole tee was all wet. Imaginelah the sweat!

Today was pretty boring in school. Except for the senamrobik (Aerobics). It was pretty fun. I was all sweaty again. haa. I sweat like mad at all times. After that was a talk about puberty. UGH. and the harms of smoking... something like that.

Sum = I'm in pain now. But I still wanna go for Wushu because the coach said that you can get very slim if you practice and I must finish what I started.

Oh my gosh. Did I just say that? :S

I didn't watch Dennis Sun yesterday again because I had to ... go and join the class lah!!!! AIKS. I don't wanna think of that word right now. I takut I cannot even handle the pain and drop out, whenever, maybe. So, until I achieved something a little bit more, maybe able to split again, then I'll talk XD

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