Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jacob Black, you're so cute!

Went to watch New Moon in Cathay with Nick yesterday. Ma and Pa chose to watch Ninja Assasin in GSC. :D

The show was supposed to start at 7pm but we waited until like, 7.05 then only they opened the cinema room door == I thought that the movie is gonna start straight away but NOOOO. They soothe us with love songs wt?! They played like 3 super boring songs which lasted so long and then trailers and adverts!!!


(I'm shouting because I didn't get to shout in the cinema)


not enough... wait. lemme clear my throat...


The movie was okayyy. Just okay. Better than Twilight. MUST SAY! More Taylor Lautner, less Robert Pattinson. Me likey :D More warewolves, less vampires. GAHH. More Jacob Black, less Edward Cullen. Wait, I actually think Edward Cullen is not bad. Okay, forget that. lol &&&& Jacob Black was so cute in the movie. tehhee. Really bah. The part where he sent Bella home after she jumped off the cliff, and then he smelt vampire, he was so like, protective over her. So cute ohh... and then in the end he went into the house to check on her. My eyes were like wet. aha. cute, just cute.

I was started to not really like Taylor Lautner for a moment after the movie premiered in the US. You know, E and newspaper and everything had gone mad about this New Moon thing and sometimes these things really annoys me. Everyone is like, "New moon! aahhh!!New Moon" So, for a moment there I was, "YUCK. new moon again?". And I didn't really feel like watching it last week, to be honest. And then, I saw TL on TV looking weird, and I was totally like, UGH. After the movie, he's okay :D Still very very cute. haaa


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conan_cat said...

yes, jacob is much cuter than edward! i will take the werewolf over the vampire ANY DAY! xD