Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Encountered a huge black pop out box when we turned on the computer. It says that our computer is invaded by something? I dunno lah. And I don't know how get rid of it.

But I pray that the computer will continue to be fine.
Hate it when computers malfunction!

Excel is over =D After 3 weeks of torture not to mention the 2 weeks of finals before this! *roll eyes. I think we had a record-breaking year. The tests and exams this year were extremely long, classes were really short! So is this good or bad? To me, super duper bad because, we're wasting tons of paper and many many time. School should go to the corner and think over it. It's not that good to have so many exams. Teachers know best, right? Do you guys actually enjoy marking our papers.

I'm not a teacher but I am human. And I'm guessing, you hate it more than we hate doing them =P

So..what are we going to do after this?

Tomorrow our class is going to visit the Seri Mengasih Centre! Which is the school for autism kids. I wanted to visit that school since I was like, 9? haha. Yeaps. It's a long story, I met with one of the teachers that came to my ballet school some time ago. She told me about her joy when she's with the kids and all. After that I wanted to go so badly. I was so excited when our class teacher announced that we're going to visit, I almost cried on the spot.

Don't know whether I'll cry when I'm there tomorrow. I know how I deal with special kids. Almost every time I see one, my eyes go all wet and my mouth drops down like it's on auto.

Okay.. let's not talk about this and leave it to unfold tomorrow.

I phailed Physics!! haha. And also Accounts but the teacher let me pass since I got 44 =) English and Chinese and Malay results are all mediocre. I passed Chemistry which to me, is a really good thing.

Turns out that the final results were worst than what I had in mind. Physics was really bad. I was blank the whole time. I was pretty mad because I actually put in a lot of effort in Physics compared to the other subjects, and look how it turned out....

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