Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sun Day 8)

let me show you something.

This is Marie's post. Can't believe what she just wrote!

Marie went for her confirmation camp during the weekend. I think she was reluctant to go at first because she doesn't have many friends there, I guess. The sad part is that there is no youth in her church, which is a bummer to me because YOUTH is like the highlight of every week to me. hahaha

So my friend here was missing the whole weekend and honestly, I missed her loads. And after what happened last night, I really wanted to talk to someone (okay, maybe I wanted more to just RANT at someone *sorry) but I guess she was too tired, and didn't go online )':

On Thursday night, I prayed for Marie. Her confirmation class teacher told her some stuff the other which kind of made her a bit self-conscious? So I asked God to just watch over her daughter and just touch her during the camp.

I don't know whether she was moved by God's presence during the camp or not, but seems like she was. Just look at that post! hahaha

*We seldom hear Marie saying that she wants to jump lols


So yesterday... Let me continue the post.

But wait, I don't feel like talking about the whole thing again so I guess I'm gonna see what happens soon. No matter how crappy it is, I'm going to face it, like real humans do

Pray for me *gulpsss

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