Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brighton Day One

I have the blogging itch to tell you guys about my recent trip to the United Kingdom. Okay, it's not that recent but it happened a month ago. hahaha. But memories will never get old =)

My family and I, along with my grandparents, survived the 16-hour flight and arrived in the famous Heathrow Airport, London and quickly got into our taxi and headed down to our first destination, Brighton. Sorry ah no picture of the airport because pa booked the taxi beforehand so after collecting our luggage, we went into the car straight away.

I remember the moment while walking towards the carpark, I very sakai, amazed by that tiny part of London, that I almost got banged by a taxi at the crossing. LOL. But the driver pro lah so I didn't get killed on my first big trip to a place so grand.

Brighton is home to my aunt (小姑妈) and her husband, Uncle Dennis. Both of them are from Malaysia, but have been living there since, FOREVER! Pa also studied in Brighton for a few years so, that's why we are there for holiday =)

Arrived Brighton earlier than expected. I think all of us were tired and jetlagged. Oh, one more thing. IT WAS VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY COLD!!!! It's summer there but it was so cold. I think it was because of some wind blowing from somwhere so the weather had a sudden change. So being people from the tropical part of the globe we were practically, freezing.

But breakfast came to save us! My aunt (okay from here onwards I'm gonna call her Sai Kuma) prepared a very typical English breakfast? Which I think they have it every day but for us it's only once in 10 years. LOL

Table to feed 8 person. No worries. Lots more in the kitchen.

Didn't take a picture of my aunt's apartment!! Uhm, I think I did but it's in another album hahaha. Sorry lah you might say that I'm lazy and that I'm being a lousy blogger (which I might be) but I took around 2000 pictures with my own camera and there are around 4000 pictures all together. =/

Quick brief about the place. So Sai Kuma's apartment has only 3 rooms. One is their bedroom, and the other two rooms are occupied with their work desks and fishing equipment. We slept in sleeping bags (not for me, I slept on the sofa!) for the two nights and had to share a bathroom. You know how I like to jump around while I walk? I was not allowed to do that because I was afraid that the family downstairs might get a heart attack.HAHAHA. But I enjoyed the two nights we spent there cramped in that tiny space. It was totally fun and much warmer than living in a hotel =)

Now, where was I? >.<

They have mushrooms for breakfast =O RARE.

After that, took a drive to a nearby church. Took lots of pictures along the road. It may be facinating to me, but WILL BE boring for you. because I take pictures of almost everything

bread no dust meh when you reach home?

The church we first visited (I'm saying this because we really visited A LOT of churches) is named St. Bartholomew's. If I am not wrong, it's one of the oldest Catholic churches in the UK.

Nick and I inside the church. Note the organ behind it's like WHOOOAAA!

Everytime I step into the churches there kan, my jaw drops. Like, it really drops and I feel that my saliva is almost going to drop too. I'm in awe.

After visiting the church, we headed down to the heart of Brighton, where they're having their Fringe Festival. It is a festival held once a year in May where they have bazaars, dances, and all that fun stuff.

Grafitti along the road...

The famous British postbox and phone booth

So we walked around North Laine and the place where they sell loads of antique goods, and the alley where they sold farm products. Quit the quacking, I don't really know the exact names to the streets but I know what I saw there =P

My favourite shop in the whole entire world.
I know I sound like a kid but I really DECLARE it as my favourite shop in the whole entire world. I've been in there on day one, then went back there for 2 and a half more times. And it's still not enough!!! Okay, now I feel like going back into that shop again.

houses along the road. So pretty the flowers!

The Antique shop that we went in. Lots of cool stuff in there which I have never, ever ever, seen in my life. The most bizarre thing I've found is an antique 'Twister'.Now I wonder how you play that.

Temptation along the road =O
We just had breakfast but quickly we got hungry
maybe it's because of the cold weather and our fats are too thin to keep us warm

and I regret not buying one to try T_____________T

One of the stalls in the farm market...

So after walking for hours and hours with our jetlagged bodies (not that I mind but seriously, it was exhausting) we wanted to settle for lunch. Unfortunately, most of the indoor cafes were occupied, we couldn't sit outside to have tea because of the cold weather, so were walking here and there to look for a place to fill up our tummies.

We went into a very cool bar and thought we can have something there but were soon chased out because Nick and I were under 18. Pfft. They didn't put the sign outside pun.

In the end, we went into a place where they're having an all-you-can-eat kind of promotion so we were well fed.

pa's. Didn't take mine because I was too hungry, and cold =O

Visited a candy shop after that and it was, another jawdropping moment.
After this trip I realized that I'm a person who is easily facinated with tiny things. LOL

So yeah, everyone was tired (except for my uncle and aunt) so we went back to their pad. Showered and took a short nap.

This is the view from the window of the living room at their place.
IKR. *jaw drops

We wanted to have Fish and Chips for dinner at the club house nearby but their kitchen was closed by then. Cannot blame them because we left the house around 9pm, FOR DINNER. hahaha. We (sai kuma, ma, pa and I) took a detour to another restaurant to tapau Fish and Chips while the others went back to the apartment to wait for food.

So here we are. The Fish & Chips takeaway.

They don't only sell Fish & Chips...

This picture does no justice to the Fish & Chips =(
It's really yummy lah. We ordered 3 Cod sets plus an additional piece of Haddock but the 8 of us could not finish 'em!!! The portion is THAT big. The next day we got up early(because of jet lag) and finished the leftovers while waiting for my aunt and uncle to wake up.

After the food, we hit the sleeping bags.

Except for Nick who was too tired and decided to sleep in his jeans.

Day 2 coming up in a lightyear.
Having trials in about, a month =/

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