Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blessed :D

God sends his angels :D

Nick and I planned to walk to church this morning. Yeah, since ma and pa are in KL and kung is having a golf tournament, so we have no choice, but to walk. Auntie Shirly called me last night and asked me stuff regarding the coming Christmas and Birthday Celebration and she asked me how I am going to church today so I told her I'm walking. And she just said, "ohh..."

Got a called from Auntie Shirly this morning. She said that Auntie Evelyn will pick us up :DD haha. Auntie Evelyn picked us up and we went to church. While photocopying the fliers, I realised that I've forgotten to take the CWC t-shirts =.= I'm supposed to give them to my kids. AIKS. So Auntie Shirly told Auntie Evelyn about the whole t-shirt situation and asked her to bring me back to my grandparents' place to get the t-shirts.

The bad thing is, Auntie Evelyn's key broke =.=" She poked it into the door knob ( or something like that) and then the key broke into half!! The car keys are inside the office. So, I have no transport to get my t-shirts. Ok, another matter.. the nativity play costumes are all inside her office. Need I tell you that the nativity play is happening today?!

Ahhh... how?

Auntie Evelyn asked a chinese youth guy (his name, if I'm not mistaken, is Maxy) to bring me back home to get the t-shirts. And surprisingly, he said yes. We took his car and got the t-shirts. AHHH... And he didn't get to take his communion because he had to send me. I feel so bad.

want me to continue?

OK. So I got the t-shirts. :D But then, the door is still locked. OUCH. And I have worship practice so I went to the hall.


In the end, the door was opened, I don't know how but praise the Lord!!!

Praise and Worship went well, the Nativity Play was awesome. Everything was a blast. What a blessed Sunday people!!!

To God be the glory <3

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