Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inti College visit!

I had no idea why we went there for a visit. Maybe promoting their college or something. It's a pretty good school. If I'm considering Hotel Management or something like that I might further my studies there. But sadly, it's not my thing..

It was a quite confusing day, that day. We had no idea whether Marie is joining the Snips group, or our group, or she's just gonna stay in school and play UNO cards all day. In the end, she joined our group! YAY!!

I think we left school at about 9?? something like that. Arrived there about 20 minutes later. It's in Putatan, by the way.

It's a pretty big college. It's not only one tall building. You can cross the streets then reach another Inti building. It's quite confusing though. hahaha

Went there by City Bus. Quite a good experience because I have never gone on a public bus in KK before ==

First stop, the KITCHEN!!
I thought they were going to ask us cook or something manatau don't have.
I really wanted to play with all the ka-la-cang and wear the white robe thingee

We spent one hour + on this. Table etiquette and everything related to it.
Use which spoon first, put here and there after you finish.

The good thing I found out is that they serve the LADIES first. Clockwise. I'll put that in mind when I eat at a fancy restaurant =) So I'll get my food first.

Then.. napkin folding
Reminds me of my days in primary two.
Us kids liked to fold our handerchiefs into briefs and bras.

Bishop's hat. LMAO

Marie and her napkin.

me and my fan ==

shnwei and her fan

Us and our candlesticks

*this is getting ridiculous*

Them and their candlesticks

Us and the students who taught us how to fold

After that. MAKAN :D

I thought they were gonna cook for us but NO.
We ate tapau instead. But it was yummy :P


our table

Shnwei eating..

After that. They showed us what courses they offer. And then. They ask questions, we answer. And you get a small gift.

Marie got one

I got one

Crossed the street to their library

if you see this, it's INTI alright

their dress code. ahaha
who says you can be free in college?

Group photo outside the library

3C girls. we're missing Shnwei!!
Then it was time to go home. We had to cross a drain. All of us jumped. Most of us lahh.. Marie walked across the bridge like a lady XD
In the bus...

1234, I love you :D

Us showing off our free gift :D

Joey sleeping. HAHA

Oh...on the way. Someone FARTED and the whole bus stinked.

Arrived school, went back to the Auditorium. Waited for Aly to come back from the Snips visit.

When school ended, we went down and saw Aly waiting in front of the school office. She had a MAJOR makeover. sort of.

Actually she just got a haircut == and she had a lot of makeup on her face. It really freaked me out y'know. hahahaha

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