Friday, August 6, 2010

Boo shoo?

Fatso : Oih. Got time? Wanna go out?
Me: Can't busy
Fatso: Oi bah
Me: I'm busy, really.
Fatso: No way. sure got some time to spare
Me: I really don't have
Fatso: Liar. Say the same thing all the time

The fatso above is somebody, unrevealable. dahaha

So yeah. You might have had the same conversation with me. Even before now, I always used 'I'm busy' as an excuse to turn down many invites to outings, parties, etc. This fatso person shot me, saying that I'm a liar blah blah blah. Well, the truth is that I'm not. If I have time, I'd really like to go. I enjoy these kind of stuff. Going out, walking around the mall, waiting for my parents to lecture me when I get back. You think I'm not a normal teen wanting to spend time with her friends? I have a curfew. I can't really go out often and when I can, I do. When my parents say no, well, that's final.

I'm being really honest. Sometimes when my parents say I can't go, I tell my friends straight. I know I crushed their plan into pieces but I can't just LIE to them and say I've got something else to do. And I think most of my close friends understand that my parents are kindda strict. So I love them for not getting pissed off at me when I say I can't go.

& when I say that I have a church meeting to attend, or when I have a family dinner, I really do. I attend the meetings that I have to attend, and eat with my family when asked. They're my family. Of course I would like to go catch a movie but I have to put my family first. And before everything, I put God and His ministry first. I choose to serve Him in church, and therefore I will. If you think you can persuade me to not attend Sunday Service, think again.

The previous weeks have been busy, really busy. And I know that many are thinking that I'm making excuses of some sort but I'M NOT! I know that my schedule is tightly packed. With school, church, etc. And oh yeah, I feel like running away sometimes. You think I like being busy like this? You think I enjoy the thrill of running from this place to the other? I don't even think that I should be so busy, but I just am. And I'm trying to make myself be less busy, but I can't. There is too much to do, too little seconds in a day

You think I have time ah?

One more thing to add, I have extra wushu training on Mondays and Wednesdays. Popo joked saying that I don't have to watch my diet anymore because if I train like that 4 times a week, I'll be as boney as a skeleton.

Yeah like that's gonna happen.
I can't remember an era in my life that I'm actually thin.

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