Friday, August 20, 2010

High Hopes and heartbreak

For those who are into the 70s vibe and enjoy a day relaxing whilst listening to some music, try Brooke White's High Hopes & Heartbreak album. It's the one. Trust me.

If I were to choose, I think American idol season 7 is by far the best season. I enjoyed watching it the most, honestly. I think the contestants were such great and friendly people. And look what they turned into. David Cook's songs make people cry even though they're more rock-ish. David Archuleta is cute like DUH! And Jason Castro? Needless to say. And look at Brooke White. Her songs are just really nice and great. It soothes you. haha

I know some might think that it's so not 'me' because I listen to these kinds of songs but, I do like listening to songs of this genre. Actually, I don't really have a genre that I like in particular, I like what is music to my ears. I might enjoy songs by Faith Hill to Chris Daughtry, from the Tings Tings to Rascal Flatts. I do not limit myself. I like to experiment. Listen to songs that are rare, don't just listen to songs form the Billboard 100.

And I don't just listen to English songs, I have chinese and well, Thai songs on my mp3 too. Yeah well. I only use an mp3. I have no ipod. haha. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying good music that musicians create.

Have fun!

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