Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can you spell P.O.L.A.R.O.I.D??

Well I sure can!! I remember back in 2009 after my PMR, I had a crazy dream of having one typical Polaroid camera because it was just so cute. I even made a post about it! You can read it here

Two years later, my 'it's just a dream' dream finally became reality!!!!

Thanks to Marie and Aly up there, plus Karee, Shnwei, Siaw, Audrey, Mei Kwan, Mimi, Mei Ling, Jesslyn, Tam Kang, Pae Yii and who did I miss?? I FINALLY GOT A POLAROID BEBEH!!!!


I promise to update on my birthday party (superb!) ASAP but I have loads of things to do around the holidays so stick around, okay???

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