Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's ma birthdeyyy

No doubt, March is the most 'fun' month of 2011 so far. Although I had to sit through a very nerve wrecking test, Earthquake/Tsunami happened in Japan after that, it thought it was still, a very good month.

After the test and the tsunami warnings, I had my 17th Birthday Party =] It's my last year in school so yeah, ma suggested that we have a party, invite close friends and our family over to our place.

A picture with school friends and the GIGANTIC card that Marie and Aly made (:

LOL. Should I blog about the party? So okay. It was fun. It was normal. Had tons of food, birthday cake, families giving me angpau because they're lazy to grab a present from the store, birthday song, Nick and his friends running around with their PSPs.


The first person who arrived at my place was... THE CATERING PEOPLE! haha. *okay bah. Serious mode on!!

Audrey arrived first. At that time the catering dude was already here to set up the place, and start roasting the lamb. Yes, we ordered a whole LAMB! So Audrey was so amazed by the lamb that she forgotten to wish me Happy Birthday. Gou ngong oh! I was waiting for her to say it but tiada pun. So I just ignored the fact that I didn't get a wish. HAHA. So she helped me chill the drinks and all that kind of tiny matter. I haven't bathed at that moment so we were waiting for Siaw to arrive so that Audrey won't feel lonely. konon.

Then came Siaw. She ran out of the car and stood beside Audrey and she gave me like, an awkward face. LOL I then realized that she also didn't wish me ='( So like that lah. I turned on the tv for them and went to bath. Btw, as the birthday girl I wore shorts and a t-shirt. I think I was the most casual one compared to the guests. ahahaha

Ngong kan?

After bathing, I saw that Mei Ling had already arrived. HOORAY this friend here is normal. Wished me and then gave me present. Then it only came to my mind that the previous two peeps didn't give me anything =((((((( Peduli lah, I thought. HAHA.

So later more people came flooding in to my tiny house. I forgot who and who came after that lalalalala. All I know is that I was busy saying hi to this uncle and thank you to the other auntie. I was sweating like a pig lah that time..

Then Marie and Aly sort of forced me to sit down for a while..idk why.

They asked me to open the present that all of them prepared for me. So that explains why Audrey and Siaw came empty handed. Inside the box were pieces of paper aka Rubbish, a picture of 2PM, cutouts of the ugly ajumma bag and fragrances. I was thinking, what the...?

All of them were laughing half dead, I was blur to the max and laughing with them. Aly asked me to dig underneath the box and there was a note. LOL

So I read the note, it was written like this..

Dear Abigail,

I know you're having a birthday party and we're going to crash it.


So then I was blur and all, because I found the exact same note written on my table a week before the party. I suspected some people and all that kind of stuff. Who knew that these sneaky girls did it D:<

Ngong lah I thought they really didn't give me anything. But then came the surprise! The Fujifilm Instax Mini 7!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't know what it is, well, scroll down a few posts =P

And the huge card! I'm so happy that they made me a card because normally it's me making cards for other people, and all I get are cards from Hallmark. ehehe

So I happy lah. Like that only. [= Had a great time with my friends and family. Was really tired after that.

The next evening, I attended a training for the Creative Ministry in All Saints' Cathedral. Met lots of new friends, learnt many new things, drew closer to Jesus =D

my group

Yeaps. I had loads of fun this month, lots of hard work too. =] My test results are so-so. Have to work 10 times harder. *gulps.

One more thing, what's with Google today ??


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