Thursday, December 8, 2011


All of us (I mean my friends and I) are done with our SPM papers. Praise the Lord for he was by my side the whole year, especially during the SPM period. I never thought I'd make it through so quickly!

Chinese paper was hard but it's already history. Gotta look forward, to the future. HEY!!

Went out with Marie, Shnwei and Siaw yesterday after our (except for Marie, she didn't sit for Chinese) last paper =DDDD Had McDonalds' yay! Marie's treat! Then we walked around Centre Point just to relax.

After that, we walked to waterfront. Took A LOT of pictures. Was going to take more but there was this lady and her son (they're probably homeless) approached us and asked us if we could help take a picture of them, with my Instax Mini


Yeap. It was shocking, and I pretended that I didn't hear anything. Later we were too freaked to stay so we walked off. Perhaps she saw that the pictures come out instantly once you snap a photo so she wanted one. And then the rest felt guilty and stuff after we walked and started thinking a little bit too far. Oh well. I don't wanna go back there, if you know what I mean.

Took a taxi to Shnwei's house. LOL my first time riding a taxi in KK. It was quite good actually, and quite cheap, not to mention convenient. Oh, and in Shnwei's house we painted our nails and slacked, a little bit too much (:

photo taken at waterfront

So as usual, I have lots going on in December. Our church is having a Children's Christmas Party this Sunday and the youth is going carolling in Gaya Street the next day. More events to come and the Christmas Spirit is approaching. Can fully enjoy my end year this year you know why? I don't have to worry about school next year!!! WHOOO!!!!

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