Monday, September 13, 2010

The end (:

School starts tomorrow.
How can they do this to us?
One week break isn't enough.
I haven't even finished my beauty sleep

Anyways, I went to Syafi's house yesterday evening. The food was great :D I've been eating a lot lately, as always. I think I'm goina gain tons of weight again. FATSOOOO!! But it was worth it. All the santan and chilli :DD Love 'em

I look so pathetic in this picture ==
How did I even smile like that?!

The three of us sitting out side Syafi's house while the others WALKED to Towering to get some junk food.

And you might be wondering why I didn't join them for the walk. Well it's because I tripped myself at home. I ACTUALLY POKKAI-ED AGAIN!!! How clumsy am I?! I was walking back to my room in the morning, stepped on the carpet, and FELL just like that. Like seriously, I doubt anyone has ever tripped like that. I must be out of mind. And now I have to suffer scratches on my thigh and bruises on my knee. What a life. I can't even go to wushu yesterday. T_T

Wushu elite training has started. Yeaps. Tough. Think I can survive? NO IDEAAAA. Everyday they throw new things for us to learn. New punches, new squats, new kicks. I dunno how am I going to do today because the pain in my legs are killing me. Blame that stupid neighbour dog of mine. If it wasn't barking that hard, I wouldn't wake up from my sleep, and I wouldn't go to the toilet, and I wouldn't step on that carpet, and would not end up wrecikng both my legs :@

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