Monday, September 27, 2010

Man's Birthday (:

WE HAD KOREAN FOOD! In Bintulu =P Nolah. That restaurant is called Bintulu but it's not Sarawak. It's actually in Lintas, Sabah. The shop is located above the famous Jia Shiang Sang Nyuk Mee (家香生肉面)

My family likes to go to that restaurant because their cooking is nice, serving is superb and price affordable (: People who have Korean fever like me like to go there, or those who like to eat a lot. hahha

This is the famous pork leg that they serve.
I don't really eat the meat but I go for the bone!!
Shows why I'm born in the year of the dog lols

The birthday boy!

It was a yummy meal and I had great fellowship with members of pa's family. Would love to have more dinners like this.

love y'all!

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Edie said...

Arghhh! I want some!