Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh, I'm alive!

We had an evangelical event in our church last night and guess what?!
It was Jonathan Tse's I'm Alive concert!

Many of you might wonder, who is Jonathan Tse ah?? Uhhmm. Well, he's a local artiste. And he's also a member of the Anglican Diocese. hahaha. He's got 2 albums, many songs, has a showcase for local artistes in Sabah called 'My Story' and can lead praise and worship super well. hahaha. OH! And his song is played on!!! Don't believe me? Tune in to every day at every hour. Sure won't miss lah like that =P

Our youth committee were the ushers for that evening and we had to go early. Obviously everyone was late! hahaha. People started filling the church, and then... *poof the electricity went off!

I have no idea why the electricity always runs away every time when we have guests/big events/ concerts in church. Apalah... this happened for LOADS of times already. Time to call SESB. haha

Enough talk, I managed to snap some pictures. Didn't really take many of Jonathan Tse singing on stage. That's because I was sitting at the back. ISH! I wanted to sit right in front so I could snap pictures like a mad lady (which I always do, hahaha) but I had to count the number of people who attended, and welcome the late comers. T___T oh well. So thankful that my camera has zoom! (:

Lots of heads
That's him performing.
Dang. I like that guitar.

Piles of CDs.
Get one if you're Malaysian (:
Support local artiste ehh.

After a few songs, a little time of sharing and a two more songs, it was time-to-get-his-CD-and-ask-for-his-autograph time!

All of us super high lah can get autograph! hahaha. Or maybe it was just me. hahaha. Pictures (:

The man himself with Adele.
Check out Elaine at the back with her jealous eyes

Jade! I think she cancelled tuition class to come watch him sing!

You know kan, Anna got his album for FREE because she went up on stage to sing Justin Bieber with him T___T
That's what you get for being a Bieber fan. arghs.


Joey and Amy

Mimi (real name's Eunice btw), Joey and Amy are actually my classmates. Since our youth were encouraged to invite friends, Jesslyn brought Eunice while Joey and Amy came along with me (: I hope the three of them enjoyed it, and also got a little out of the sharing =D

Group photo

A little messy


with the girls (: We're all wearing white!

and then bye bye!
We had school the next day! On a SATURDAY!! It's a replacement class for the CNY holidays. Was so sleepy in class just now because I couldn't go to lalaland last night. GRR

So, the end!!!


A picture of Jonathan and I last night...

hahaha we tip-toed!

This was back in Dec 2009 during the Youth camp



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