Monday, April 20, 2009


Our school's guy team.
Puan Siti was being really kind today :) She let us go down to the court to watch the basketball game. Guys were playing. KKHS vs STTSS. uinah!!! So kan cheong I tell you! Everyone outside the court was shouting and shouting. But I kesian the STTSS guys, our students kept boo-ing them. so kesian. But in the end they won lah. STTSS won. I saw Adele again. wheee.... I think she was shocked to see me in baju kurung, or she's just playing show off? ngeh.


sammie said...

nawwww, i was expecting to see some hotties there LOLLLL,, anyway, which is the best player
I saw some who look familiar :S , not sure tho

Abby said...