Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

Saturday, the 11th
Nick's 12th Birthday Celeb...

I think Nick had fun, his friends also. They played games probably the whole day. wahahaha. I had to go to dance practice so I went off early. After dance, Liana, Adele, Joshua, Crystal and auntie Pearl came over for supper. Eat all the leftovers. haaa...
Easter Sunday, the 12th!
It's the 12th... which means I'm 15 years and a month old..hahaha. Ok bah... it's also pa's birthday! SO..

Supposed to wake up early to get ready to head to church. Ma also had to go to church early for the Egg-mazing race... manatau! I woke up at 8.40 something. Supposed to arrive church at 9!!!
So...we weren't that late. xD 9 plus bah we arrive. had to help the girls braid their hair. Tak jadi in the end. Quite good also, I trust that I'm buruk in dealing with hair. I can't even manage my own veins. tehehe.... So, they ponytail only...

while waiting for Lisa...

Liana's "he looks like Edward Cullen"

he's also my twin, BTW

Tim and Sam...


It was so flawless lohh!!! I have the video.. =) But then, can I upload it on YouTube ah? Will DMT sue us or something? Will they? But it was really really nice!!!! Everyone did so well ohh!!! I want to post the video!!! You have to watch it for yourself!! So flawless neh!!!

After we did our performance in church, we also performed another time for GS Kids.

And then, we had fun with this guy...

NGEH! creepy thing. The Malay service made it for one of the SOTC. I dunno why they took it down. Probably because it's too scary or something. hehehe....

*When I have no camera...this is the result. Very few pictures = a boring blog post*

Dy-mite. See... no explotion.. xD

We all look super korean here!! hehehee... we're missing Adele! zoom to view our korean-ess =P

heeeheee... serenading?

Today was bad. I'm so tired. And I think a flu is coming up. My throat is sore. Man! Why do I always get sick after a performance? ngeh....


J M a r i e said...

hahaha. you and joshua really look alike weh!! HAHAHAHA. so funny man. oh and the patung, really scare oh. macam those ju-on movies that. haha. sell it on ebay lah, manatau those horro movie directos want to use? XD

Pearle said...

post the video on facebook.
i wanna watch le!!!

baby_sy88 said... it somewhere... I want to watch!!!! the video is IN DEMAND!!!!

Hell ya...that thing gives me the creeps... burn it...if not later at night it will get up and walk tu....XD