Monday, April 27, 2009

New haircut, ha!

major event fo the year. hahaha. Nobah xD I just had my haircut yesterday. I went to the shop near Golden Valley. Super cheap, and fast.

I had no idea what hairstyle I wanted. I just wanted it short, short. I got really bored of the long hair I got. hahaha That was what happened when I was form 1, sick of the long hair which I had for years.

So now, it's shorter short. Can't really complain much. I like this haircut quite okay. Compared to the one two years back. That one was a disaster, this one is a haircut.

No really bad comments lah, except for Reuben. He asked me when he came into class, "Did you cut your hair?" Then Mei Kwan and I were like, "DUH!" Yeap, he was shocked, and he made the face. heee

Oh well, as I said. It's just hair. It'll be long by December!

I went from this,

I know this picture is lousy bah. I just simply took one to upload
to this!
Ok wait. Don't tell me I look like Annabel again =.= It's much better in the picture because it was combed and dried in the saloon. Now, it looks like crazy! heee
If you were shocked about my haircut, breathe
It's not really shocking bah! 'S not like I've never done it before xD

Pae Yii, Marie and Ah Ping Ping (yeap, I call her that now) came over to my house to finish up the ERT project. Goh & Aly didn't come for some personal reasons. So, us four worked hard, and got everything almost done. There's only the entertainment room and the sofas left to put up. Which is Aly and Goh's job. We've done our part xD

I made these, know!!! hee

My ham fingers. tsk tsk. It's just photogenic bah! xD

again...this time, pose-y

Now, my time to pose. Marie likes my shirt. hehehe

Ah Ping Ping. Notice an extra hand, that's mine =P

Ahhh... I miss my hair like that =)

Me ordering pizza. So ah-peh oh the way I sit!

Digesting moment
Our phototaking session.

nothing turned out nice. ugh

our casa


bathroom. Pae Yii's father's masterpieces.
Guna soap tau?
We went to watch the Shaolin show in KDCA in the evening. They invited the Shaolin group to perform to celebrate our friendship with China for the past 35 years.
Arrived there at 7pm. We got pretty good seats. Can see lahhh.... and it's not that far.
The whole pro gram was slow!!! We arrived there at 7, like I said. Had to wait for the VVVVIp's to arrive. By 8, all of them were sitting down already. Three VVVVIp's gave their speeches. Which took about more than half an hour to finish. The Shaolin masters only out to perform at 9+. But the show was quite good lah. 4 stars =)
OH!OH! Later on, I went down to take pictures with them =))))
ha! I trembled, really trembled! when I stood there. All of them were so sweaty. And then I was afraid that they would beat me up. I was really shaking loh at that time. wahahaha
Then later, someone pushed his son into my perfect picture. tsk tsk. Spoiler!! Luckily I was the brave-enough-one to go up and ask them to take a picture with me. Others followed after that. Alah you copycaters xD

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