Thursday, April 16, 2009


i DINGIN meh?
*swoosh swoosh*

Alright. I'm not cool lah please =P If you say that I'm cold still can tahan lah.. Sometimes, I'm as cold as a rock.

Enough of me, let me blabber a bit about class today.

School was as usual, boring. But then, things get tougher now. Need to revise a lot at home. argh. Lisan, projects, peka. help me!

I realised something, my class is turning into a... erm, a... erm, a (I CAN'T SEEM TO FIND THE WRITE WORD TO DESCRIBE)

Alright, let me explain. I don't know why or how or when did it start but I realise that the students in class are getting more... erm, selfish? Can I say that, selfish? It's in the studying part, okay? Not saying selfish in the outside world, just in school work and stuff. Nothing apart from books.

Well, don't know whether it's because we're a bunch of girls studying in the same class or because it's because we hate each other or whatsoever but ... they are getting selfish. Maybe I am getting selfish too. I don't really like to share my homework with anyone though, that was how I roll. But I do let people copy my notes. Isn't that okay? It's just notes, and it's fun to teach other people sometimes, when they don't get the questions. Just a little help. It's helps them, and yourself and you get the chance to perasan xD

Or maybe it's because everyone is fighting for first place in class? They are working really hard, including myself. I have no intention to get first in class, although it would be a big blessing. But I aim for 8As. All my subjects, aced!!!

Last time, it was all like that.
I copy your notes, you copy my notes.
Today, it has changed.
I do my work, you do your work
No, I'm not teaching you.
I'm not letting you read my notes either
Go, go, do it yourself.

See what I mean??

I don't know whether I'm oversensitive or just out of my mind but it's really happening.

Thursday today. So fast!!! I didn't even know what I did this week. hahaha. No co-curriculum today! WHOOPIE! They're having a basketball tournament at our school. MSSM Bahagian Barat. You can see that our school has 3 renewed basketball courts now. They turned the volleyball court to a basketball court =( , painted the's now green and blue and red, and also pasted the 'KKHS CLUSTER SCHOOL' papan on the hoops. haaaaa....

Well, nothing much about the MSSM. We do have class. We only go to the basketball court during recess to catch some hot basketballers. xD Nope, haven't caught anyone yet :p Only Adele xD

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