Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beach! the snapshots

This was what? 2 weeks ago! Niahaha. 21st march 2009, The Beach beside the Yacht club, GSEY =)

Happenings based on the pictures yeah. Oh... I think I've blogged about this before. idk. Oh well..

Before everything even started, they did this to poor Emerson

Until he was in pain xD

After the raindrops, oh blue sky!

This was ngong! We didn't get a good shot ): haha. ended up with this only

For the telematch, they've decided to throw sandballs!!!


MINE. Oops, supposed to be Joshua's. I continued making it bigger and bigger, until it can feed me xD
aiks. Copycat!! =P
OH! Liana, you posing for the dance so early ah?
Adele tried to destroy our ball?? Kick-butt maybe.
GAHHHHH!!!! Muscle woman! xD
Adele's sandball. This wasn't the biggest eh! There are more bigger ones...
NOW the telematch!!
Abbegail. She was the hero of her group loh!! go girl!
Nice shot! Got pulau lagi xDD

Ogs. Samuel! He dug alll the stinky sand lah! The sand that his group collected smelt like dunk more than sea sand. yaulch!

??? When is this? Liana promoting her name. Get it??? :P
There was enough water to....

I think Adele was the first one who got wet. Oh! They let us in the water anyways =) It was very shallow though, but we weren't allowed to go far.
Revenge?? Got sand lagi!!
Everyone got wet!

Teacher Jade.
What's with the high 5, dele?

All the boys (OH! and Adele) dragging Chok the chairman into the water.
group photo!

Okay, you have to watch out for this person. CAUTION!, again
hahaha. ADELE! nice shot ehh.. like watching her prey
She was doing this the whole time
btw, Adele is fit to be a model xD

Very African pose ehh?? hahahaha
We need Baywatch punya song here... David Hasselhoff the newbie!
Almost everyone changed into their dry clothes.
So I did this....
I didn't even know Sabrina shot this!! loll
Enough talk, FOOD TIME!!!!

zzz. Whose leg is this?

Ngo yeng geh!! xD
Adele can go casting also, as Dragonball. Sabrina can be YamCha =)
What pose is this?
The 'I dunno' pose or the 'see! No more rain!' pose? hehehe
Alright, time to show off some 'possesions'.

Meet Marie's Twilight Saga!! Yeap, it's Marie's not mine =P
I only had them for last night

OH!!! The Breaking Dawn belongs to ME! The unwrapped one xD

Me and my book. loll

New Moon. I intended to pose with Eclipse but then, I grabbed the wrong book.
Currently reading Eclipse. Poor Jacob Black

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Twilight...Twilight....U GOT TWILIGHT.... I so wanna get the whole series + the movie :)