Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The day we got muh-nayy

Went back to school last Saturday. It was supposed to be the replacement for the CNY break but the school was so generous, they turned it into Majlis Kecemerlangan/Gotong-royong day X)

Yeaps. Award for the 7As and 1B that I acheived for my PMR. Only RM100 sadly. GRR!! I wanted more. These days, you can't buy much with RM100. 3 reference books then bye bye money.

*I'm spending a lot of money right now, in school. I ask money from pa for books and all sorts almost every week. ARGH. Please, no more workbooks!!! I hate workbooks!*

Besides real money, some gangsta also gave our wall some money

This is real know. Some students broke into the school in the middle of the night or something to do all this crap. They sprayed the walls and stuff. But why our wall?!? I had to paint it y'know?!

They even cut the CCTV wires. wow.

After the majlis... camwhored/gotong-royong.

the fish Pae Yii made out of ang pau paper

the arkodian

everyone was busy finishing up their Physics PeKA

Got our $$$
Cleaning the windows yeah right..

Syafi spilt detergent on the floor. Everyone just stood there & stare. No one gave her a hand. Including me *evil laughs*

the girls. And Huang - di-blocked by marie's big head

Karee's mugshot. Alahh...
She looks super ham here. Like she really commited crime oh!

Marie..with my China specs (190RMB only!)

Wanted to play with the manual focus on my


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