Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. ~Irish Proverb

Oh yeah I got the good laughs. But I lack the sleep. No wonder I'm uncured :P

First day of school after CNY yesterday. woahs. I was real darn sleepy. And I had to stay back for Accounts class until 4pm. Oh yeah. Talk about a good nap! I almost fell asleep in Acc class! My eyelids fell, I still heard the teacher talking, it was just a short shut-eye. But the teacher caught me! He was like, "waktu petang memang tenat. tengok ada orang tidur dah". Then I opened my eyes quickly. The whole class turned to my direction but they didn't think it was me, they taught it was LBH. haha. oh yeah. I got away, from my class.

This week onwards, we're gonna have Acc every Monday. BOO!!! I don't know whether I can keep up with 11 subjects or not, but. 10 is already a two-digit number and 11 is too, I'll try my utter most best to excel and these 11 subs. Plus, 11 is a better number. No big 0 there to scare ya =D

And my my my, it's gonna be a busy week!!

Tomorrow's co-cum meet. ARRGHSS!! I don't wanna go!!! Christian fellowship is good but the uniforms?? NONO. I don't want to wear the KRS uniform!! IT'S HOT! And I don't even think the pants would fit me. (For a pants which I wore since 2007, and it still can fit, 算很好了)

On Thursday Aly, Marie, Audrey, Shnwei and I have a chance to skip school, BEBEH!!! We're going to some sort of exhibition, about Kota Kinabalu. hehehe. But we have Chem PeKA that day so I have no idea whether we can still make it or not. whatever

Saturday Check-stock. Shnwei made me do it T.T I didn't really intend to go but she wrote my name in the list. haha. oh well. We get 15 bucks for doing it. Kindda bad pay, isn't it?

Something is going during Wushu on Sat. I have no idea what it is but people are gonna be there and I think we're supposed to do some kind of performance. OH MY GOSH. performance?? puurh..forr..manceee??? How am I suppoed to perform when my level is, 0?!?! I can't even kick properly. and I can't even punch with "power". Pa said that my punch "no power one". pfft! I so am not going to perform. I'll run away, somehow. Or I'll just pura-pura kena kicked when the pros are performing. Then they might send me to the hospital or somwthing, so I don't need to be humiliated loh...

AND I HAVE A LOT OF HOMEWORK!!!!! gaaaahhhhh.

Hope I can paste this picture on my table so the teachers would notice, and don't gimme anymore homework. hahaha. I wanna be Garfield!!!!

And if you're wondering why I'm not doing my homework right now, well, I didn't bring 'em. I left them at my house. I'm and my grandparents' place now. hehe

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