Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I browsed through the Rolling Stone website and look what I've found....

Adam Lambert got a Rolling Stone cover!!It's sooo cool!! See the snake?? Cool eh.
(I'm not really a fan of Adam but I gotta admit that he's got star power. Killer vocals, dude! )

There are a lot of news saying that Adam Lambert is gay. I think he'd already admit? Did he? Anyways, so what? I still think that he can make himself popular. He's got that star talent and power which doesn't come around often. Though I was crazy-shmazy about Kris Allen and glad that he had won this season, I still think that Adam Lambert's got talent!! He can be big.

He's got a Rolling Stone cover!
Come on people!

And yes, I'm still not over AI.
Currently enjoying Valentine by MattG.

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