Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Kaamatan weekend

Our 2 week break starts with Kaamatan, which is on the 30th and 31st of May every year. It's like a celebration or thanksgiving for the kadazans. For us, it's a 2 day getaway. (It's 3 days this year because the 31st was a Sunday)

So, we went up to Inanam to find the famous fish head noodles that one of my uncles always mention. He goes there every Saturday. Apparently, the shop was closed so we went to a shop where pa said they roast their duck with coal? Yeah, I think it's coal. I didn't really like the taste though. hahaha

We went to catch Night at the Museum 2 that afternoon. Nice show. Loved the red plane that Amy Adams (as Amelia Earthart) flew. So cool oh. Then, we headed to the beach because pa said that it was jellyfish season. ahahaha. We wanted to swim with the jellies.

We went there twice! hee hee. 30th and 31st. And FYI we didn't see any jellyfishes, we only saw these

any clue what are they?<br>

Nick brought a cup the next day to catch them..
He intended to build a sandcastle out of them

I really don't know what are these little things called.

Hermit crabs? Shells?

The cup was filled. There were a lot of them lying on the shore. It was pretty gross actually, stepping on them. iiaakk

I like this one!

Trekkie in the making

ha! I asked him to jump and he really did.

Okay, because pa and ma craved the fish head noodles so much, we went up to Inanam again on Monday. This time, we asked for directions from my uncle. I had the normal fish head noodles. The taste was okay, it was okay.

Went to 1Borneo that afternoon. We looked for a parking there for about an hour. The parking system there is really mad crazy. We got lost in the parking zone, not to mention the mall itself? Anyways, we went to try this restaurant called New York New York. I ate the Hawaiian burger or something. It was pretty yummy.

Then, ma and I walked around the mall, Nick and pa went to ToysRUs to find the shooting thing or whatever. Bought 2 tops at Padini, and some biscuits.

Went home after that. And oh! We had to climb stairs from the groud floor to the seventh floor. No elavator! Told you guys the parkings are bad.

Anyways, want to show off my Merci chocolates. Kau fu gave them to me during my birthday.


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