Monday, February 2, 2009

back to books

Haven't been reading for a while...Just wanted to take a break. currently reading Chapter 1 in this book.

A walk to remember, By Nicholas Sparks

FYI, the girl's Mandy Moore.

Schoolw as awfully sleeeeppyy today. Yeaps, admit it people. No one was even half awake! I hated Science class today. GRRR! Teacher said that our excel results weren't that good so she decided to give us POP QUIZzes whenever she thinks it's the right time.

POP QUIZ?! In Sabah??? Don't you think that's a bit ...?

Anyways. Whatever. She gave us a piece of paper to do and she said "NO DISCUSSION!". So we did those questions, which I can barely answer. I was only thinking of coke in my mind, serious. and CNY junks. And did you know how this stinky-tiny-so called Pop Quiz last? FOR THE WHOLE SCIENCE PERIOD! What a waste of time. And we didn't even do corrections. Pfft.

Oh yeah, she didn't return our papers, too!

The only papers we got back were History, Math paper 1 and Chinese paper 1. That's it. doink.


baby_sy88 said...

The guy's name is Shane West...I think...hehe..have you watched the movie?? If you haven't, you should...It's one of my favourites, sooo touching...Cried the first two/three times(can't remember)I watched, and I don't usually waste my tears on movies...keke....

Abby said...

Oh...haha. getting the movie. The book is touching also eh! I almost cried in class today xDDDD