Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some walk to remember

I love A Walk to Remember right now. The story is sooo touching! It's not like any love stories written today which I can say are, trashy. It's lovely and yet spiritual. Great book. It was sooo touching until I cried when I read the last chapters. whoa. Never cried when reading a book. nyyah! Wanna watch the moooovie!!!!

Anyways, while Landon have a walk to remember forever... I had to have a walk to somehow give me nightmares.


A walk in the school field.
tsk tsk

Today's Sports Day. And it sucked! We were forced to go on the field, you know. The teachers were shouting and shouting. The field was soooo friggin wet and muddy until the centipedes were crawling here and there! The ground was obviously moving. Like earthquake!!! So, I'm not commenting on anything. It was just a suckish day. I so don't want to go tomorrow. no no no

I hate mud. and the school field. and sports day. and teachers. and prefects :)

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gummybear said...

U sure do addicted to love story.==". But at least u can learn how to be a romantic person.=D