Monday, March 23, 2009

Balik sekolah...

School was awful today! I was sooo sleepy and tired. Luckily quite a lot of teachers were out, I got to snooze..hehehe.

Saturday was great!! Oh!... Khin Enn, Joshua and I arrived early, so we sat under a coconut tree, waiting for time to past. Then, we saw black clouds =/ And yeap, it rained a little. So, we kept on praying and praying and praying for the rain to stop. And it did!! whee!!! So, the other youths started to appear xD and then, time to hit the sand, bebeh!

Oh yeah... we did get into the water!! hehehe...Irresistable! The water was pretty shallow eh! But then, we weren't allowed to go far. T.T

After that, makan. Then, TUG OF WAR!!! It wasn't as crazy as the teachers & helpers tug of war though It was fun, fun, fun.

After everything, Adele, Liana, David, Jordan, Samuel and I walked to KGC to bath. That was our plan, go KGC to bath. The others were stranded? Okay, the jaga of the public toilet said that they have to close early, so the other youths terpaksa rinse and change themselves before the makan. Quite kesian actually, we had tug of war later so they also kotor..

David, Jordan, Samuel and Adele so ngong oh!! They took those fallen coconuts and threw them at the trees, then they shouted, "Monkey! Monkey!!!" And some people actually turned their heads, wanting to see the 'monkey'. lol. Then, we had to cross a drain? Aiks. The place where dirty water flows into the sea. Yeap...disgusting, I know. Adele, David and Samuel jumped. Then I jumped, kena a bit of the water. ewwwww. Jordan was the funny one! He was like, "haiyah!" Then he just walked across, his feet sinking into the water! Then, Liana followed him from behind. Ohhh.. her slipper was caught in the water xD

Ah... sampai the club. Adele, Liana, David and Jordan are trespassers xD They had no membership there but Samuel and I said that they're members, and the kakak actually believed us. hehehe. Oh.. us girls came out from the bathroom earlier than the guys, so Auntie Kon Vun was waiting for them outside after we left.

Do you want to know that they did??
You really want to know??
*I found this out after I asked Samuel*
They were drying Jordan's pants with the blowdryer!!

Sunday, the sabbath =)

Wore all black to church, was supposed to perform 'fight of faith' in GS Kids but Auntie Pearl didn't bring the CD, so I became the LCD person instead. xD Want to know why? The LCD person on duty, a.k.a Yeong Sheng was late. hehehe.

After church, Teacher Jade, Auntie Thau Yoong, Sabrina, Lisa, Timothy, Samuel, Joshua, Adele, Liana and I went to Lido for lunch. After that, we had to practice the Easter dance. Tough man!! I hope I remember every step, and do each step with umph!!! We gonna have practice again tonight... wah...

We ended the practice at about 5+. Played volleyball after that. Wah!! I finally can serve properly! hehehe.. Practice = perfect :P

And today...My hands and legs are aching xD

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