Monday, March 2, 2009

Me back

Heeelllloooo... I got conjuctivitis bah! Means red-eye thingee. Both my eyes kena. Since last Thursday. I skipped school on Friday. hehe.

Hmm.. what have I been doing when I'm at home, all alone? Owh kay, I've been addicted to this 24/7.

Never expected me to fall into this book yeah?
I need to thank Shnwei for that, for borrowing me the book. :)

Anyways, It was soooo nice. I never imagined falling in love with a book with vampires! I liked the way that Stephenie mayer described every bit, every scene seemed so real. I was dreaming the whole time, imagining more than I should. oops. Loved the way how Edward Cullen talked, the way Charlie asks her daughter questions. The way vampires ...

And I imagined how Edward, a vampire/ hottie looks like :P dream dream dream...

BUT. He looks like this in the movie...Yeap, they made a movie.

That's him. Edward Cullen. His real name is Robert Pattinson. The gorgeous girl is named, Isabella Swan. Love the name!

Robert Pattinson is uh-huh! the student from Hogwarts xDD Harry Potter bah. When I knew that he was playing Edward in the Twilight movie I was like, jaw dropping moment! How did he get that part?? I'd prefer someone more more MORE dreamyy.. Not saying that he isn't but yeah... I was expecting someone who popped out of the book, leaving nothing behind. haha. He's okay larh....

I prefer him in this look though.

haha. I know bah! He has to play a vampire in Twilight. I understand. It's like Hugh Jackman playing wolverine in X-Men. Ei! If Hugh Jackman was younger, he might get the Edward Cullen part :) just thoughts...chill...just thoughts, Robert P fans..

I guess this picture is 'the Cullen siblings portrait'. hehe. me right? Let me tembak ( I haven't watched the movie yet FYI) from left, Alice, Emmett, Bella, Edward, Rosalie and Jasper. Those who know, please tell me whether I'm right or wrong. hee

I want to read New Moon now!!! But then, TEST! Another one. Summore, it's next week. Fast kan? Next week, pfft. ugh. Next week.

AI news. This week, they got in!

Adam Lambert. A lot of people punya fave. Me not really fave this guy. But he's alright, and he will stay in this competition longgg..

Allison. Love her hair! And the song she sang. Alone. I love that song loads!!! Glad that she got in!

Kris Allen!!! whoots~ Me likey this guy. THE MAN IN THE MIRROR. haha

This girl didn't get in, sayang betul....

Megan Corkrey. Like her style of singing eh! But she didn't get in... Oh well, wildcard wildcard!!!


Puzzle Express said...

Hahahahahaha. Twilight is goood! Weeeeeeeeeeee. But New Moon is sooo depressing. :S Hahahah. Allison is awesome! And yes I love the song too! Adam Lambert has mad vocal skills!!! He can go sooo high. Crazy. Kris is good too! I like Megan too! All my favourites here! Haha. ;p

Abby said...

yayaya. this year all also good eh!