Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sun. sand. wet. fun.


Waiting for Khin Enn to pick me up =) Heading to the beach together with Khin Enn and Joshua. So fun xD whee!! While waiting for them, blog lah. q:

One thing that bugs me, we're not allowed to go into the water. I think. Takut drowning or other tragedies. It might happen Hmm... One small part of me is saying, yalah, shouldn't go into the water, dangerous; the super big part of me is shouting, WHY???? THE WATER IS FUN!! So, I really really want to get into the salty water. Who cares if I get dirty and wet. There's the shower in KGC. hehehe.

My leading was so bad yerterday. :S It was really really good during the practice loh! Until I saw Samson and Streisand, terus! THE NERVES!! Samson and Streisand are both super guru-s. Samson pro in leading, Streisand pro in drums. Even Adele felt the pressure!! Akk... dunno lah. My voice cannot even come out. But my team was very great!! I liked my team for this week =) Jesslyn and Annabelle really did help me in the vocals; Samuel play so pro!; Adele looked and played so cool (despite the pressure); Tim is usual, the pro; Peter was just so good with the acoustic! I really felt God moving around, the music was just so touching.

It's 10.37 am.. and counting xD

Now, back to the beach. It's been so long! The last time was I went was in Jan, with all my uncles, aunts, and cousins. ha! Ethan was the one who was afraid of the water. Isabelle that one super pro! Then, we followed Ah Set yiyi to catch jellyfish xD (Spongebob!!) Yeah, it was cool. Each one of us was scared, scared, scared but we did get in. plain fun!! I don't think it's jellyfish season right now&& we cannot go deep so, buh-bye jellyfish, you're safe.

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