Friday, March 13, 2009

Freedom xD


Oh yeah! Test is overrrr!! And I'm giddy happy right now :) But I was really nget sai during recess larh. I so wanted to punch someone's face!! control..control.. But it was fine larh. tsk tsk. I'm still mad though. But what for larh I marah, burst my after test mood only, haha.

I still haven't eaten my birthday cake yet. hehe.. ma surprised me yesterday! When Nick came back from his tuition then she was like, "Okay, time to cut the cake". Then I went, "Got cake??" Then all was like smiling, smiling there. Then she went into the kitchen to get it. Manatau when it came out it was a tub of Ben & Jerry's!!! whee!!! Didn't expect such a big surprise yesterday. Though it was my birthday, it was quite a bad day. Rain the whole afternoon and evening and then I had to hit books again =.= And then came the surprise!! whee!!! So they sang the one and only Happy Birthday! Pa didn't sing because he didn't want to lay his eyes off the tv. xDD They played Wipeout on AXN and it was so funny. Instead of cutting the cake, I digged in the ice-cream. LOL! Thanks ma!! & Nick for the pencils =.-

As I said, it was a fabulous fifteen to remember. hehe.

Coming up, I have a part of a malay essay that I have to memorise. =.= Lisan. grrr. Teacher is starting right after the holidays. dang!! No fun one ) :

More AI news. They sang MJ this week. Cool... Loved Lil & Kris. But! Kris Allen said that he was married so that was a little like, crack crack crack heartbroken. LOL!! I loved the Dirty Diana song also.. Alexis made it so cool oh!!

In the end, Jasmine Murray & Jorge Nunez were eliminated. End of journey.

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