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[16th Dec, 09] China Day 2

MORINING! Had breakfast in the hotel. Porridge, and mantau. Then we set out for JingHua Yuan - a place for tourists to visit, AAAA grade wah they say.

The main point of going there is to see the WanLu lake. Otherwise in simple English, very very green lake. haha.

For those of you who would like to visit JingHua Yuan, go during the summer! Because we cannot do much activities there during winter. I doubt you can during Spring and Autumn.

So it's best if you go when it's hot. There's a water park and flying fox blah blah. See? It's designed for summer. You want to go on the flying fox when you're freezing cold ah?

Because we went there when it's freeeeezing cold, we had nothing to do but to look at the lake and walk miles and miles and miles....

Oh and there is more water in the lake during the summer, winter macam the water all hilang, like a baby pool.

Nu-er-guo. Means, daughter's country? All girls lah there, guys, go visit!

Pretty girls LEH!

Oh yeah. My cousin brother even got hitched there. XD

Yes they provide match-making. :P

***Karee! This place suits you best lei.****

Our ride down the hill. (Yeap, we walked up and this thingee took us down. Took us 2 hours to go up, 10 minutes sampai kaki bukit.

It's called the 'wild nut'. It's not planted or anything, natural one. So they say it's wild lah. Nice to eat oh, tastes like chestnut.

Departed from that place around 12+ pm. Then had lunch. MAKAN SAJAAAA.

After makan, go on the bus again lah. It's like a routine.

Wake up, eat, go on the bus, sleep on the bus, stop somewhere to pee, buy something to eat by the roadside, go on the bus to eat/sleep, go visit the tourist attraction, eat, go on bus, go walk around the streets, eat food selling at stalls, go back hotel, shower, eat junk food, sleep.

And it repeats and repeats, every single day.

Note how many times the word EAT appears. No wonder I so gemuk now lah

After FOOD, headed down to MeiZhou - the capital of Hakka. Or something like that, in the world. So it's World's Hakka Capital. Or Central. Or city. The town is big, really big. And it's really modern. And it's really far so we sat in the bus for very long.

The first thing I noticed in the tour bus while stuck in the jam.
For those of you who can't read chinese, let me translate :

haha...stay tuned. there's more to come :D

Then, dinner again (No dog meat, okay). Ate at a house owned by a Malaysian decades ago. He went to Malaysia and made $$$ then went back there to build that big mansion. He never lived there, nor did his family. It was left empty until the goverment bought it from his son. I think.

Ahhh..dunno lah but that house is HUGE. It's now a restaurant, and also like a little museum. Loads of things displayed inside.
It's called WanQiu Lou. I recommend you guys to go there. Eat slowly and visit that place slowly. It's fun and homely :D


this is normal pork, not dog meat. My uncle seriously thought it was dog meat. When he asked the waitress and she said it was "zu rou" (pork), he still said it was dog meat. She convinced him again, saying "zu rou" loudly, he still suspected.O__O We said it was pork, he didn't believe us. I think he didn't touch this dish at all.

hakka idioms. And I thought mandarin is a tough subject.

I liked this dish. Beef balls and raddish balls. Tastes great when you eat both together.

Pumpkin cooked with salted egg york. YUM!

-this is the place where I drank the wong jiu (Hakka wine) and my head started itching again.-

Stupid of me to try it again. I thought since it's a different place, the ingredient might be different. And since this is warmed (with ginger), I thought I was able to handle it.

What was I thinking?!

Sat on a, sort of like, BUGGY (something that you can find in the golf course. A vehicle with no doors) to view MeiZhou City. It was cold, really cold. I had no idea why they planned this thingee anyways. Sitting on a buggy, letting the coldness bite your face. If I hadn't had my backpack with me, I'd be frozen. NO I DID NOT HIDE IN MY BAG. =.= You think I'm that small? I used my bag to cover my body, and tucked my hands in them so I didn't feel so cold. Yeah right, it was still cold. My palms were red and stiff and freezing cold like a popsicle after we arrived the hotel.
again, no lighting effect or anything

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. It's like eating prawns (I don't like prawns. You can imagine something that you hate to eat) while you're sick. AND it wasted like, about an hour of my time!! We were supposed to go shopping that night, after makan but then they arranged this lala-stroll. GRR.

Anyways, we still got to shop. And the tour guide cheated. Shops close at 10 pm, not 11.30. BOO!

Wanted get a windbreaker, since the tour guide told us that the weather is getting colder and it's best if you have enough clothes. So, Nick and pa had enough already so ma and I hunted for ours. (i only brought one jacket which I bought from Roxy the other day, 50% off. It's good, really warm, but the weather defeated the poor jacket. haa)

Walk, walk, walk. & we went into a shopped called Meters/Bonwe. Never heard of it. China brand. And it has Jay Chow as its spokesperson. =.- He's very famous there, from clothes to milk tea to chips, all JAY CHOW.

quite ngong to go into the fitting room to try on a windbreaker. You don't have to take of your clothes to try it. I liked this one but they only have one piece and it's too small.

So I chose this one..
It's quite similiar but it has more details on it, and it's black.
Kept me warm for my trip.

you served me well jacket!

Headed to McDonalds (which is just, a block away from the hotel that we're spending the night in) after that. Everyone from the group was there. haha. SUPPER.

So cool oh their birthday party theme! KERORO! Not like here, Barbie or Hotwheels. ee

We ordered:

Chocolate apple pie.

the best ever.....

Pineapple Sunday
(I don't eat pineapples but hello? Malaysia tiada so I order loh)

And a cup of hot coffee. Nick had a Sunday cone.

Went back to the hotel. hahaha


Stopped at LongChuan Train Station before we arrived MeiZhou to take a picture there. ngong right?

LongChuan, or "Lung Chon" is kung's hometown. :)

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