Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh my I tripped

I pokkai-ed (means I tripped) while taking pictures
me wiping the mud off my legs. Say, my legs here look sexy, no? :P

Lame isn't it?? Take picture also pandai pokkai. Well, I was setting the timer, and then I ran to the group quickly. And then I tripped. And slipped. There was mud on my face, legs and arm. I literally kissed the mud. Darn the muddddd!!!

I don't want to run!!!!!!!!!! Sports day is tomorrow tomorrow. Havta go to the field in Penampang because the our school's field is "under construction". I have no idea where this field is. I have no clue about Penampang if you ask me. haha.

*I'm in dad's office right now btw. I have no idea why this computer cannot highlight words...*

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