Tuesday, January 12, 2010

counting, 7 oh-my-goodness 5

no that's not my weight =.=" I'm fat but not that fat. I can still manage to hide my tulam you know. The only thing I can't hide are my thighs. HAHA

What's wrong with me. Yeah, for those of you who thinks I'm really *tuuut* lately, don't tell me. I know. I can sense it myself. I have no idea what bug got into me, but yeah, I do feel that I'm somebody that I'd like to smack.

No idea. Maybe I've been so grounded last year, that I want to REBEL this year? haa. It's only the beginning of the year and I'm turning rebellious. On Sunday I was scolded, yesterday I did something bad; and today, for the first time in my school years, my merits had gone down. Yeap, my physical exercise teacher took 15 merits away in just one day. Want to know the reason?

Oh so easy, I tell you lah. I didn't wear the school's track bottom.

crazy, no?

So yeah. That's it. I was charged of not listening to the teacher's order, not obeying the rules and not wearing suitable clothes..5 merits each so...

  1. I did listen. I knew I had to wear the track bottom but I couldn't find mine. The last time (2009) I tried it on, it was too short and it itches.
  2. I wore long pants, okay? I've never worn long pants during PE for 3 years!
  3. I wore suitable clothes, and comfortable. I did wear my PE shirt, its just that I didn't wear the tracksuit. That's all
end of speech.

So, my 15 merits gone. Just like that. Jowah and Alvin stood up during our denda (sitting in the middle of the basketball court) and another 10 merits gone. AAHH

At the end of the day, was I wrong? Maybe, for not wearing the track bottom. But on the other side, I wore my PE clothes, and sport pants, and I can do sports in them. What's wrong with the pants that I wore? It's not like I wore wear hot pants or anything. I dunno lahh...

Great, now dealing with my own financial crisis, I havta take money out to buy the track bottom. Just great.

And to those who think I'm *tuuut*, sorry bah. I'm trying to be nice. Smack me if you want

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