Monday, April 28, 2008

Black vs. White

Nice shower...again xD. Finish those homework that teahcer gave us. So banyak...i thought i would never finish a thing...plank

Now, about the black and white (checkerboard!), Marie kept saying the David Lee is cute (!) nad then she thought he was like, 17/18 but i said he's 1 year older than us then she was like 'omigosh!' sort. Plank. Then she kept bla-ing about our youth punys guys....then she said that erm....David and Yeong Sheng and Andy those very cute and kept bla-ing. And then she suddenly turned to Jeffrey-the Jeffrey Fung that Jeffrey. She was a bit, maybe upset when she heard that Jeffrey is coming back and he told Karee and asked Karee not to tell her and she thinks that Jeffrey is lying and so and so because J told M that he's going to Hong Kong for studies but he told me that he went there for fun! (?) No idea which is fiction or fact but who cares. Then Marie kept saying "why?why?why?", so desperately! So kesian. I didn't know what to do but i asked her not to think soooo much about him, it's a waste of time though. Anyways, i (hehehe) found out that most of the guys which are in Marie's "cutie" list are, well, (let's not make it so harsh) slightly tanned. =.-" see larh....Jeffrey, Daivd Lee and bla-bla (too bad Ah Chai ain't ST! kaka)...oh yeah, not forgetting Marie's "qiu cup fan c", Nicholas...wakaka!!! Not my brother barh....lawl. Nicholas Wong barh...plank. My brother is as fair as a pig! =)


Let's talk about the "airen". What the! I don't understand why he kept appearing in my monoscopic/what-so-ever vision lately!!! Man!!!! Why can't he appear when i like, haha, had a crush on him but now after everything is, haha, gone, then he kept appearing and appearing and appearing. Plank plank plank plankie plunk plankton plank!! Oh well, maybe i should just forget that "airen" what-so-ever! Well, i can't for goodness sake!! zzzzz


Let's have a flashback....

Yesterday, was Sunday (duh!). I went to church (aharh...) and then i led P&W in GS Kids with Abbegail again (oh..), and Aunty Pearl was there too (okay....). Then we had our first Helpers Training (o.0) and then we had chicken rice which we "longed" for it (tasty...) and we also had Sprite, Cola, Sarsi and 100+ (so many o) which Vios mixed all together and drank it (ewwww). And then he offered Coffee+Milo to T. Jade (eir....), he say he make for her (yuck). while he was making that drink, we were helping oursleves with the soft drinks (who wants Milo when you have Sarsi!) and then, Daren said something we never thought he would say (facinating!). This was what came out of his mouth:

" Vios (name changed), issit your faeces always cannot come out then you go and make drinks like this to make you cirit-birit?"

My gosh!!! I didn't know that Daren was so funny! Big Boss Daren rockes (haha). Then, (there is a then?!) Vios said that Adele played the drum not-so-good-ly, but then everyone said that Adele played well (like he very pandai dat...BOO!) We (abby n i) had compliments from all (yay!) but not from Vios (who cares!~)then bla-bla-bla.....we had chips in the end (food!) and Vios said that we girls took all the Twisties (we so did not!)and we ate ate ate (i'm getting hungry). Then, he got no car home so mum send him back (ew...he made mum's car stink! Thanks "air-freshener!")

Now, we ha dinner at Po's and po invited yi-po and Johnny Bravo and JB's sis and family. Warh...this made me more nget compared to the time when mum agreed to send Vios home (can't he drive himself back?). That JB's sis (let's call her S) is soooo rude and she has no consideration for others! While having dinner, she said that she wanted to feed her kids first, that's an okay but the thing is, okay...there is one fish, imagine a big one, she took the whole front part for her kids and we had to eat the fish head and the other side of the fish. You think that it's not a big deal? Well, girl, there is only 1 fish (of course there are other lauk-s larh) and there are more than 10 adults, you just took 1/2 of the fish for your two kids?!?! So evil.....and then her kids are sooo naughty! Trust me, naughtier than the menace or L.A!!! They simply go and take me an Nick's barang to play without asking and play and play and stepped on my feet, ya moron!!!!!! And then, their parents think that they are so pretty that they can take over the house. Trust me, beauty ain't everything, it's the brains and bronze and manners that matter. So, things are far more worse bext time. Brace yourself!

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JMarie said...

oi....why you wrote it out for goodness' sake!!!!!! why why why why you wrote HISSSSS name and THEIRRRR names!!! arghhh!!! im gonna kill you tomorrowwwwww!!! stab you with my most-pointy pen ever in your chest!!! you are soooo dead tomorrow you!!!