Friday, April 11, 2008

Famous for trouble

Our class, is now officially famous for pure trouble. It seems that 97% says so. The other 3% of the teachers are very kind because deep down, we are awfully cute and adorable and well-behaved students. haha....Samuel Wong and Jonathan was 'arrested' for going out from the club yesterday (co-cum that time) without permission and that teacher maybe told Teacher Neoh and she came to look for them during the last period. We were like so shocked when she came in. I thought our whole class had done something wrong and we were in trouble. But it was only Jonathan and Samuel Wong but it stunned the whole class, like everyone was so scared until no one even dared to breathe. Then when the both of them went to the discipline room, Teacher Shirley told us that our class is already 'an apple of the eye' in (almost) every teacher's eyes. I dunno what had happened besides the Chinese teacher incident and the Puan Nor Reta incident but teacher actually mentioned something about the Math teacher, but i have no idea.....i really do.
What can we do then? Stop being ourselves? Or create more trouble? My advise to our class is that we should bahave well and excel in our studies so that we won't be looked down by anyone. Whatever you do, try to think first. When the teacher scolds or hits you, try to think what you have done and try to understand why the teacher punished you. Take it as a lesson that you'll always remember.

Calm calm calm...

Okay, we (Syafi and I) stayed back for the Bruce Almighty movie but we weren't able to watch the movie again. Some student came to us saying that it was cancelled because some of the teachers said that the show can't be shown because it's a religious movie. Oh well.... So i went home and i left Syafi waiting for her parents to pick her up at 4.30...sorry Syafi. But it was fun though..

Treasure hunt tonight. Ed and Marie, please bring your torch and umbrella/poncho.....this is gonna be soooo fun!!

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JMarie said...

so you changed your blog link? haiz...i really really dun wanna change my blog link to tell the truth, i like the name =( so yea treasure hunt was kindda fun. except i was quiet the whole time ==" haha.