Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nick and his pox

Nick is having the Chicken Pox!!!!! Oh No!! That means, i'm gonna have them soon....owh!!!! Well, Po said that i had them when i was young but the doctor said that i might have a chance to get them too. BOO! I'm now at po's while he is at home, with mum, poor mum. Oh well, will take pictures of him and his pox. Mum said that he now has many, compared to yesterday's count (7), his big one BURST today(ew). ihope i don't get the pox, it's pretty scary. I want to take the exam, to menebus my previous test. 31 is not a nice number! i want to get top 10 dudes...i have to work hard and pray that i don't get the pox!

Science today was pretty funny. The teacher kept asking us questions from the paper then, okay, i became annoyed and i started to become DRAMATIC, which i do all the time =). She asked me the weirdest yet dumb question. She asked how do animals eat because the question i answered has something to do with animals, and eating. I got sooo pissed that i said "they eat through their mouth" and made an action which made some of them laugh and then Marie said that i was dramatic. Sorry, i can't hide my drama talent Marie...haha

We have to pass up the Rakan Sebaya folio tomorrow and guess what? i haven't written a single word on my papers and i haven't even printed any of their photos. Okay, this is dumb. What is rakan sebaya anyways? Everyone is my friend and then teacher only wants 4 of my friends! How can i choose between Marie and Aly and Karee and Ed? What about Pearl and Grandmama and Hui Ping and bla bla...what about Liana and Adele and Edward and bla bla? Oh man!~

Oh well, let God handle everything! He's able!!

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