Sunday, April 20, 2008

12=1.30+0.30 [plank]

Plank...this is about yesterday...haha. As usual, i went to church for guitar lessons and then, i waited and waited and waited until like 1/2 an hour (12-12.30) and then i went to the office then they asked me to go in. And then Ps. Amy said that maybe it's gonna start at 1.30 because Andy got class =.=" So, me and Vivian (my hero!) helped Ps. Amy photocopy some stuff and then we talked and talked and then Ketty and that JingBang or something came so we talked more and more. Okay! It's we got our guitars and then played and played while waiting for the arrival of our instructor....Then plank, it's already 2, then only he arrived. So, (haha) i missed the lesson cuz i have to attend confirmation class....BOO! I asked him today about it blablabla and then he said that he will "announce" on Friday. Plank

Jesslyn got baptised today!! So did Auntie Judy and Emily and Charmaine...Yippee! We now are one big big family of God.. Now, i need to get Jesslyn to youth!! Okay, i'll kacau her everyday!!!!!! muahaha

Sowh...later, we maybe going to go climb that bukit again if it deoesn't rain...let's pray that it will not rain!!! Gah........nicky is studying...poor thing! But he kept asking me to download that Fahrenheit and S.H.E punya song.....goodness.....

Lead Praise and Worship today (i can't think of lead's past tense)-in the GS Kids. I don't think the kids knew what song i sang, or Abbegail sang because they looked so lost and we looked so lost. Only Jason did good on the piano....samuel kept sticking his tongue out...Plank. Need more week it's gonna be us again. I hope the kids won't be bored... time.Ciao

Plank=abby's new "crap"...tehehe

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