Monday, April 21, 2008

The Yellow Company

The usual day larh...heavy books, nilam, teacher screaming and lots of laughs. Aly and Marie talked again. Karee and Aly continued to chat chat chat again while class was on. Teacher Shirley gave us a form to fill up and there was one part where you have to write your ambition. So, Karee said that she wanted to be the CEO of The Yellow Company. I think she'll take over DiGi and change it to "The Yellow Company", then all of the company's reload card and sim card and so on are going to be yellow, yellow and yellow, with Karee's face on it saying "be Yellow!"...wakaka. I thought she wanted to be a stewardess?? o.0 But then Tiong and her started talking about ME being a stewardess. Then dunno who said that i'm too tall and then my head will reach the ceiling of the plane. Then, plank..the kept continuing the thing again and again and again. Well, i don't think being a stewardess is "my type", i prefer jobs that have a lil' spin of art in it...yeah, if not, something that is smart. Like people will go like "WHOA!" or something. Gaaaahhhh...y'all know, my biggest dream is to be a model. Well, it's adream, not my ambition. But first thing's first, i want to get into Oxford! nyahaha

Back to the ambition part, Marie wrote Free Lance Designer as her first, Grandmama's something like this:
  1. Chef (warh....!)
  2. Dancer (i didn't know she can dance. Maybe she can do ballet! o.0 hidden talent! Break a leg!)
  3. (oops...i fogot what was this one....but it's funny =P)

But, since she's grandmama, her list should be like:

  1. Chef ( so she can cook for us!)
  2. Mother (Karee's mother...wakaka)
  3. Grandmama (Taking care of us, Aly, Marie, Ed and me)


Kung Kung bought some big Phua Chu Kang boots!!! But in black...too bad. It's for him to cut grass. Since like, when you cut the grass then the grasses (?) will spray spray spray onto your leg and then it'll hurt so bad, sometimes you'll even get a bleed due to the small rocks (trust me, i've experience this before). So, the boots will 'menggelakkan' kung from getting hurt! Plus, it only cost $9!! so cheap....Po said you can wear to shopping (then everyone will think you're the 2nd generation of PCK!)

Going to City Mall today...Yippee!!!!~ On a school night lerh....Ciao

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