Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A friend of mine asked me why do guys like to play basketball so much. I couldn't (duh) answer because, obviously, i'm not a guy. Well...maybe it's because they think their cool and all or something. Since i'm so bored, i became so facinated to find out the answer. haha. so i asked Samuel Wong and Nicholas Wong (the Wong brothers!)

The answer from Samuel is...i dunno. like lah..and can exercise
how lame...
From Nicholas...because i like that sport

I'm not really facinated about their answers though. Why can't they answer questions properly? Like more "specifically"!?! And okay...why is that sport so likeable? Can't they like swimming or Badminton or Rugby? oh...and Beckham's football (soccer)? Between Peter Crouch or David Beckham or Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan or Christiano Ronaldo....i have to say that the footballers impress me more well because...
  1. They have the body (hahaha)
  2. They look more decent
  3. They "exercise" more

They do! They exercise more don't they? Imagine training everyday and you have to run the whole padang during the game (unless you're the keeper). That's exercise. And then, they eventually will have a better body figure. Not meh?

Okay....i'll skip the rugby and badminton and swimming because i know only about Ian Thorpe. =)

Now, i go and eat ice-cream! And banana!!! cheers

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