Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This, can be called, the most DRAMATIC day. Okay,
but Marie added some spice into the DRAMATIC! She cried when we were lining up outside waiting for the teacher! Of course, i was too busy looking out for the teacher, i didn't notice a thing (because she was talking to Karee).
Then, we went into the classroom and then we sat down and then (omigosh) her eyes were so red! And then i asked her did she cry and then she said "a bit". So i was like what should i do next? Then i asked her what happened, and then she told me. I cannot tell what she told me, it's private and confidential. Maybe you can peek into her blog. Here's the link~ thesebutterflywings-ily.blogspot....maybe she had typed the whole story there. Right, so she told me many stuff and i honestly think that what she said was almost true, like out of 5, i would give it a 4 =). So girls, here's a thing. When you try to make a joke out of something, or someone, you might want to take 5 seconds to think before you talk bacause if you don't it ain't going to be funny and then you'll maybe hurt other girls like the girl which hurt Marie or maybe even worse than you think it will. Jokes are cool, fun and laughable but it sometimes can hurt other people's feelings too. So, in conclusion
Now, lemme continue....ahemhem...While Marie was crying, Hong and Ong turned and asked her why is she crying. Marie didn't answer and then they started to give silly answers. One was that Ong said that she was dumped by her boyfriend and then Hong said "really?" Then Marie said "no" and then Ong said "yabah. So bad her boyfriend dat, dump people before the exam, make people cry teresak-esak". Then, Marie smiled =) hahaha. Then, she was okay after that, she said that she still wanted to cry more, but tears won't come out. So we continued laughing and laughing and laughing. The end.
Oh yeah! Aly said that she doesn't like CTB anymore. And she said that he was a dork! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (this is for Marie XD) hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha
And I discovered 1 more thing,
(and then laughing continues =))

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JMarie said...

of course im dramatic. LOL. and sensitive =s