Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Muahaha...i only got, like 2 minutes to write this...so let's make it quick!
The "mama dance" is great!!
The Honour Roll song is awesome!!
Me and Karee are still not talking. Well, she said that she wants to see who is more "hard-headed" but please, if she's hard-headed, she might as well be muka tebal also....
she doesn't want to eat lunch with Marie they all, or go to the library with them anymore. And i always think to myself,
Well, typically, it isn't. I didn't ask her not to join us for anything but she just didn't want to follow. It's her choice, she has the rights too. So, IT AIN'T MY FREAKIN' FAULT!
Anyways, i have a feeling that Aly and Marie and Pearl and Ed like Karee more than me, like her "ren qi" is more "wang". Normally, my "ren qi" is like very low, even when i'm in kindergarden so, i'm really used to it. Ahhhhhhh....let's just say that i'm next to a LONER. =)
Now, Marie and her Ah Chai Ah Chai is like...so funny!! While we were exiting form the science lab, this MArie and him was like walking together in a straight line then she had the expression like walking at the beach with him or something, with that bahagia smile on her face. hahaha No offence Marie...i saw your expression!
That's all....2 minutes done. Ciao


JMarie said...

OMIGOSH. what when where i made those expressions!? gawsh, embarassing much this =="
btw, whats ren qi?

Abby G said...

......can't explain